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Recent Academic Additions:

  • St. Rita and Saint Xavier University have partnered up to offer a dual-credit course for juniors and seniors. The Introduction to Business Class meets at St. Rita prior to the start of the school day and is taught by a Saint Xavier University professor. This class provides our students a chance to earn college credits while at St. Rita.
  • New electives have been added to our curriculum, including: Computer Science Principles, 2D/3D Animation and Graphic Design. These join other electives that have already existed, such as: Engineering, Apple Apps Design (honors or non-honors), Beginner Band, Irish American Literature, Forensic Science, Art electives, and numerous others.
  • Freshmen are now required to take 1.5 years of Math and English in their freshman year. Students will take English I for an entire year and a semester of English Composition. Students will also take a math course for the entire year, and an additional semester of a Math Theory course.
  • Online class offerings have expanded to include courses such as: Business, Engineering, Marine Science, Astronomy, and several others. Juniors and Seniors can take an online class and will get a free period off in which to complete them, either in the first or last period of the day. Parents, the student, and the St. Rita Counseling Department will receive a weekly status report for each students’ progress.

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In its on-going commitment to provide students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom and explore options beyond high school and college, St. Rita has partnered with several local trade unions to give students a glimpse into the world of engineering and the construction trades. In addition to these partnerships, St. Rita has developed educational pathways for students interested in the following career areas:

Casica Engineering

  • STEM / Engineering and Applied Construction
  • STEM / Computer Technology and Design
  • Health Sciences
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business.

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Our educational pathways are classroom based and provide both hands-on and field experiences. Students have the opportunity to engage in a multiyear sequence of courses — allowing them to explore a field of interest in both required and elective courses during their four years at St. Rita, but career specific courses are generally taken during the junior and senior years. The career pathways still require all students to meet all of our current rigorous admission requirements.



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